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Farm Succession
& Well-Being

European Innovation Partnership (EIP) Project that is working with farmers in County Mayo to explore the mental challenges & strains associated with the process of farm succession and provide supports to help the farm family to address these challenges.

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About The Project

What are the projects objectives?

There are four overarching objectives of the project, which include:

  • Identifying the feelings and thoughts of the farmer/ his or her spouse/partner and family member(s) experience on the topic of farm succession planning.
  • Identifying the supports and experts required from the operating group to help the farmer overcome their emotional and other challenges.
  • Introduce the necessary support systems and experts from the operating group to help the farmer through their thought processes and lead them to a peaceful and harmonious decision on the future of their asset.
  • Evaluate the individual farmer, their spouse/partner and family member(s), mental and well-being state at the end of the process to measure and identify key milestones and gaps in the supports for the farming unit.
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Preparing farmers & families for the future.

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Leading Experts
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About the project

Who is involved in the project?

The initial researcher in the EIP Operational Group will assess the individual requirements of 30 participating farmers and the operating group experts will then provide the required expertise to the participants through one to one discussions/meetings. The operating group members are two Health & Well Being Experts, an Agricultural Consultant, a Solicitor and a Tax Expert/ Accountant.

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The Team

Leading experts from all fields

This project is bringing leading experts in the fields of law, tax/ accountancy, physical health, mental health and well-being and agricultural consultancy into the operating group, supported by a leading academic and researcher with experience specifically related to farming in Ireland.

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Breian Carroll

Lead Partner
Agricultural Consultant
Carroll Consultancy
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Samantha Geraghty

P. O' Connor & Son
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James Fitzmaurice

Tax Advisor
RBK Business Consultants
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Dr Michael Hayden

Chartered Accountant & Assistant Professor of Accounting
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Dr Lisa Hynes

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Laurence Gaughan

Health Expert

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