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Laurence Gaughan

Regional Project Manager within the Health & Wellbeing division of Community Healthcare West

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About Laurence...

Laurence Gaughan is the Regional Project Manager within the Health and Wellbeing Division of Community Healthcare West. Qualifications BBS and Postgraduate Certificate in Workplace Health and Wellbeing. Laurence has over 30 years of experience at the management level within various functions in the HSE. This includes over 20 years of experience leading and managing interagency projects involving community and voluntary organisations.

From a farming background, he has a keen interest in rural development and the farming sector. He has extensive experience in organising Men's Health initiatives, including the West's annual men's health week programme. Laurence was one of the founder members of the Mayo Men on the Move programme, which is now a national physical activity programme for men. Recently with Croi, he has led the Mayo farmer's health month, which is due to be extended to Roscommon and Galway next winter.

With a strong sense of local knowledge and commitment, Laurence is ideally placed to act as an advisor to the OG and coordinate the various health and wellbeing aspects of this programme in conjunction with the other health experts.

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