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What will each partner do?

The Operational Group will assess individual requirements and will provide expertise to the participants as identified..

The partners objectives...

Health & Well Being Expert

Assessing the farmer's and other parties' emotional state, challenges and needs, encouragement to become emotionally engaged in the farm succession topic, monitoring and intervention as needed for psychological and social effects, information and health & well-being education and supports.

Agricultural Consultant

Discuss the various options of farm structures in the sector, e.g. individual, joint herd numbers, registered partnerships, shared farming, supports for trained young farmers, farm educational opportunities, securing the farm income, labour and management issues in the operation of the farm.


All legal matters pertaining to land and property – information and educational support on wills, transfer of property, leasing, disputes, rights of family members, rights of residency, legal challenges, power of attorney, ward of court and all related matters including implications on having no affairs/structures in place.

Tax Expert/ Accountant

Information and support on financial planning and security, tax obligations, tax exemptions/thresholds, fair deal scheme, tax structures/partnerships, exit strategies for the farmer, succession planning and related areas.

Preparing farmers & families for the future.

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Instagram Gallery - Farm Webflow TemplateInstagram Gallery - Farm Webflow TemplateInstagram Gallery - Farm Webflow TemplateInstagram Gallery - Farm Webflow Template