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Project Report

The EIP project concluded recently and the final report is available below. The EIP Organisational Group sincerely thank the following: participant farmers and their families for their commitment and interest, the DAFM for their funding and support throughout the duration of the project and Minister of State DAFM Martin Heydon T.D. for both launching the EIP in 2021 and its final report in October 2023.

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"Investment in an on farm succession programme would deliver significant value for money in the long-term and contribute positively to developing sustainable farm enterprises for the future."

  • 11 participants had no will made.
  • 66% did not have a will that reflected their intentions in respect of a succession plan.
  • 50% of participants stated they had a succession plan in place
    However, only 10% disscusssed the financial impications with an expert.

said stress & worry was alleviated


of participants said the project assisted them to develop a more comprehensive succession plan

Preparing farmers & families for the future.